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Tila beads cube
The Japanese tila bead is entirely different from its czeh counter pair. My previous tutorial was about cubes with czeh tile beads, this one is about cubes with Japanese tila beads.
  • 9 pcs tila beads (Japanese) 
  • 48 pcs 11 sized seed beads, smaller ones are better or you can use 3  on one edge if 4 are too many 
  • 7pcs 15 sized seed beads
  • 1 piece 8 sized seed bead or a drop
Work with two needles. Weave trough both holes of the first tila bead.
String one more tila bead and sew through the first bead from back, fixing the two tila beads together, weave through them more times, until the work is tight . 
Continue in the same way, fixing together in total 5 tila beads:
Continue with the four faces of the cube. Sew 4 tila beads to 4 faces of the work. Sew using the holes of second tila of the 5 tilas row. Pass through the tilas as many times as needed to tighten the whole work and make the cube regular.
Now only the "decoration" remained.  Sew 4 pcs 11 seed beads to each edge of the cube. Firstly add 4 tilas for 4 edges which are parallel with each other, then sew 4-4 seed beads  between the already added seed beads. Fix the seed beads to both of the faces forming the actual edge.. 

At last add 7 15 sized seed beads to the corners and one 8 sized to one corner. Weave through the edges until the whole work is tight. If the seed beads are too big then use only 3 instead of 4 for one edge.
The cube is ready:

Enjoy your work!

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