2015. május 25., hétfő

Cube from tile beads.

  • 6 pcs tile beads
  • 48 pcs seed beads, metallic are the best
  •  7pcs 15 seed beadfs 
  • 1 piece of  drop
I used dark thread to show you the steps better, but nylon thread is fine for it.
Start with two needles:

Weave across the two holes of one tile bead:
String three more tile beads with both needles:
Pass through all 4 tiles from back:
Pull it tight and tie a knot with the two threads.
From this point you can continue with one needle. Use alternate needles. 
Sew the remained two tiles on the bottom and top of the work:

Pull the work tight, weave trough the whole as many times as needed to tighten well. You can arrange the tiles with the needle until the cube is regular.
Sew four seed beads to each edge of the cube.  Fix the four beads to both faces of the cube.

Here you can see that the seed beads are fixed to both faces forming the edge:

Sew four seed beads between the former 8 seed beads on both sides. Now one face is surrounded by seed beads:

Continue adding the seed beads, firstly for those faces which already have four seed beads on their edge:

At last sew 15 size seed beads into 7 corners and one drop in one corner. Weave through the drop from two directions, because this will be used for hanging the cube and should be tight. You can use it for earrings or key rings.

It is ready! Enjoy it!

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