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Earrings and Pendant from crescent beads



  • 16 pcs of crescent beads
  • 32 pcs of 3mm rounds or fire polished beads
  • any kind of beads, which fit to the ends
  • any kind of beads to fill in the middle
  • 2 pcs of headpins
  • earwire
  • thread
  • needle
String  one crescent bead,  one  3mm round eight times:
Make a knot forming a circle:
Pull it tight and go through a few beads to hide the knot.  Come out of one crescent bead and pass through the free hole of that bead. String 3mm rounds between the free holes of crescent beads:
Pass through the second row a few times tigthening your work.  Make half stich knots and cut the ends of the thread. It remained only to put together the whole with headpins. Pin any kind of beads at your choice. I used 4mm rounds, some special beads and lentils:
Pin all the beads to headpin and cut the end of the headpin. Make a loop at the and. Here is a tutorial about loops: Basic loops

Attach the earwire and you are ready! Here is  another pair with different beads. I used 1cm round to fill in the middle:


  • 1  cabochon
  • crecent beads, the amount depends on the size of your cabochon
  • 3mm rounds, the amount depends on the size of your cabochon
  • size 11 sead beads to bezel the  cabochon
  • bail
  • thread
  • needle
The starting is similar to the earrings first step. The only difference is that you have to string two crescent beads togehter. String as many  units as needed to surround the cabochon tightly.

Make a knot forming a circle. Similar to the earrings string another row of  3mm rounds between the free holes of the crescent beads:

Pull it tight. The circle must be so tight that one end of the crescent beads must bent above the cabochon stopping it from jumping out of the whole work.
 Turn the work to the back side. Thread five 11 size sead beads between the crescent beads then  three 11 size sead beads between the top of  the sead bead groups:

Pull it tight, go through the last row again and the bezel is ready.
Attach the bail and the work is finished.


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